Born in a modest family in Romania, he started his artistic career at the age of 10 when he won the painting contest that opened his way to artistic education at the Art High School in Craiova.

Andrei learned and tested various painting techniques but what imprinted his personality was mural painting, starting with the byzantine painting in orthodox churches which he practices from an early age working with this uncle, and continuing with works of street art during college.

Performance, an instrument he loves, was the first one through which Andrei gains international interest being selected for the international festival “Young Balkan Artists”, which took place in Greece.

The scholarship for Master studies in Photography and Live arts at the National University of Arts Bucharest helped Andrei study, experiment and deepen various forms of analogical photography techniques discovered during college.

The costly life of the capital and the expensive art materials pushed him into 8 years collaboration with the advertising sector.

During this entire time, he never lost contact with photography and art, and, on the contrary, he participated in various international projects in Spain, France and Romania and finished his PhD in photography with the thesis “Social Photography”.

At the age of 30 he emigrated in order to dedicate his life to photography. The winding road helped him develop and define his own artistic vision. He applies the philosophy discovered through his own photography in his everyday life and he shows it to us in the most authentic state.



Awards – festivals participation

– Winner of Barcelona International Photography Awards, Barcelona, Spain 


– Winner of Joan Cabanas- Alibau Photography Prize, Sant Cugat, Spain 
– Selected for Revela-T Analogue Photography Festival, Vilassar de Dalt, Spain 
– Finalist of Barcelona International Photography Awards


– Selected for London Analog Photography Festival, London, UK 
– Selected for Revela-T Analogue Photography Festival, Vilassar de Dalt, Spain 
– Selected for SlideLuck festival, Barcelona, Spain 


– Selected for Photo OFF Photography Festival, Paris, France


Selection of exhibitions


 “The quiet sense of nature” – solo exhibition – Casa Golfeichs Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

“The quiet sense of nature” – solo exhibition – Galeria 78, Gdynia, Poland
“The quiet sense of nature” – solo exhibition – Cal Gerrer Museum, Cabanas Foundation, Barcelona, Spain 


-“Barcelona International Photography Awards” (BIPA 2016) winners exhibition – Valid Foto Gallerry, Barcelona, Spain 
– “The quiet sense of nature” – solo exhibition- Pati Limona Gallery, Barcelona, Spain



– “Cinque aniversari”– Valid Photo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain. 


-“Five years of talent” – Valid Photo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 
– “MindScapes II” – Revela-T Analogic Photography Festival, Villasal de Dalt, Spain 
– “MindScapes” – Centre d’Art Santa Monica (Arts Libris Festival), Barcelona, Spain. 
– “MindScapes I” SlideLuck Photography Festival, Barcelona, Spain 


– “My mindscapes” – Photo OFF Photography Festival, La BelleVilloise Gallery, Paris, France 
– ONFI II (photography) – Valid Foto BCN Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 
– “Realidad y emocion” – Valid Foto BCN Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 
– “Azul” – La Sala Pintada Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 
– “Collect the World” – Valid Foto BCN Gallery, Barcelona, Spain. 


– “Confiidencias” – Espacio GIC Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 
– “Souvenirs” – Espacio GIC Gallery, Barcelona, Spain