Inquiry into No-Self

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“Enquiry Into No-Self” is a photo series about the perception and definition of reality. The term “reality” essentially means that there is one fixed set up that our senses and awareness tap into. We see reality as a whole universe in all its infinite complexity, starting with subatomic particles, through our own, human existence, to billions of galaxies light years away. It is “real” and it is, what it is, fixed and defined.
When we finally look deeper, it is all very different from the fragmented, repetitive thoughts and mental processes we use on autopilot to get through the day. In these photographs, I take a shot of the concept that reality is a completely different experience for each and every one of us. This concept can be explained throughout an experiment, where a group of people look at , for example, a bird, and each one of them would see a slightly different plan of the bird, depending on his or her position in space. Even though they all see the same bird, the angle of reality differs.
In my visual pursue into reality, I try, firstly to be aware of my own version of what is real, and then to share it through photographs.
This photo series represents this search of self. It refers to the No – Self, the concept appearing in various spiritual beliefs. The No – Self means that our consciousness, our awareness, our being is not constant and fixed, not even defined.
“Enquiry Into No – Self” series is a visual exploration of the self of reality itself. It is a search of the real substance of the world.