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We as human beens, need to look for meanings. But because of that search, the actually unique meaning changes accordingly with each ones view, so, the unique meaning becomes a projection of an human egoist way of desiring a meaning. And the egoism is its resistance to accepting flux. Egoism tries to make a set of predefined meanings into a fixed general worldview, into my reality. Therefore, one projects contexts that are not actually present in the current phenomena. So then, what reality means. Reality is always contextual. For example the ocean has a different meaning to a fish swimming in it, a person in a boat out at sea and a deity looking down at it from the heavens. To the fish, the ocean means translucent palace; to the person it is a great coverage extending to the horizon in all directions; to the deity it is a string of jewel-like lights glittering in the sunshine.
InPlainSight series explores ways of understanding what we call reality. In these photos I try to accede behind the general established- fix worldview of real objects, behind their context, to discover different facets of real world around us.